New World Order

<<a radical political movement>>

Once considered a conspiracy theory, but now becoming reality, the aim of this powerful secretive group (sometimes termed the One World Government or World Economic Forum) is to gain control through the ‘great reset’ of the whole world with a single worldwide system of just about everything. By creating and then managing various crises this ungodly regime will convince the masses that globalization, the coming together under one centralised totalitarian power is the necessary solution to the world's woes. Increasingly there will be more authoritarian controls and oppressive restrictions imposed almost simultaneously worldwide such as those endeavouring to combat the Covid pandemic and climate crisis with religious freedoms and accepted rights challenged and ignored as the general population is enslaved. Progressively there is more evidence emerging of the reality of their strategies such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which include, among other things, drastically reducing the world’s population, severely restricting travel, personal ownership of commodities, the supply of goods rationed in line with a social credit points system etc.

Other objectives that will aid this domination and world dictatorship include the perceived need to transform health care, energy production, digital oversight, and education with a singleness in politics, religion, and the use of a single currency. With the looming introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) the world will undergo a dramatic economic change. This will be a centralized, government-controlled programmable currency, which can be blocked so access can be cut preventing a person buying or selling. This is the system the Antichrist will use (Rev 13:16,17).  We're now on the verge of a global rollout of technology identical in ability to the mark of the beast that the Bible says will dominate the world during the Tribulation.

The Bible states that at the end of life on earth as we know it such a scenario will increasingly be outworked under the jurisdiction of a powerful, ruthless authority (termed the anti-Christ) who will seek to establish a universal government, a single religion and a unitary economy (Rev 13:1-5,8-18). While peace and prosperity are desirable, since the beginning of time humanity’s sinful nature has prevented this becoming reality. Thus, regardless of human creativity, ingenuity and aspirations, such an ideal can only offer a false sense of hope and ‘salvation’ with ultimate disillusionment and enslavement by false promises. This ambitious scheme is futile because it doesn't take God, the ultimate ruler into account. We must remember that God is always in control, not Satan or his agents and they can't prevent or even hinder, God's sovereign to have a vast number of redeemed people in heaven (Rev 7:9). Jesus declared, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (Jn 16:33).  The timing of the rapture, when true Christians are snatched away by Christ to heaven, is unclear. However, it is understood immediately after the rapture there will be utter chaos and this will enable the New World Order to quickly take control, with the present increasing restrictions and mandates setting the framework so this can be swiftly and fully implemented. Regardless of when the rapture takes place the Bible is adamant anyone receiving the identifying mark of the beast – possibly a silicon chip implanted in the forehead or right hand – will be excluded from heaven (Rev 14:9-12). However, the vast majority of people in the world will succumb to the mark simply to survive.

Our response
At uncertain times, fear can quickly invade our minds so it is essential to have our focus firmly centred on Jesus (Ps 27:1, 34:4, 56:3,4; Isa 12:2; Jn 14:27; 2 Tim 1:7). It is vital to fill our minds with good thoughts confident that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Rom 8:38,39; Phil 4:8; Heb 13:5). We are to keep our attitudes and actions right, praying for those who abuse us (Lk 6:28). During the time when the NT was written, the believers were under the domination of the unsympathetic occupying Roman Empire. While we are to pray for and submit to those in authority over us this does not mean unquestioning compliance if we are instructed by human agents to do what is clearly contrary to God's rules – we are to obey Him (Act 5:29; Heb 13:17; 1 Pet 2:13). This does not give us the right to refuse doing what we don't want to do, rather only what God says don't do. There may be repercussions to not obeying, yet Jesus said don't fear those who can only destroy your earthly body but have no control over your eternal destiny (Mt 10:28).  Do not loose sight of Jesus who is our eternal hope and reward (Gen 15:1; Lk 6:23,35). So regardless of the uncertainty of world events together with how restrictive and unpleasant our remaining time on earth is, as children of God we should focus on who is for us, not against us as we look forward to an eternity in heaven (Jn 14:1-3; Rom 8:31-39; 1 Jn 4:4). Jesus says to us, "Look up your redemption is near" (Lk 21:28). Hallelujah!

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