This is a very powerful medium for good or evil; it can lift or depress the spirit, invigorate or aggravate the emotions, stir up evil desires or bring peace (1 Sam 16:14-23). This applies to both the lyrics and tune as whatever we engage in or interact with has a subtle yet profound influence on us – what we ‘feed’ into our minds shapes our values and as it will surface in our speech and actions monitor this

Music has a profound effect on our emotions

closely (Lk 6:45; Phil 4:8; Col 3:2,5). As we are to do everything to the glory of God, we should evaluate if the music I listen to brings me closer to God or stir up ungodly thoughts and unrest within (1 Cor 10:31). With many modern songs the beat and rhythm of the music takes prominence over the vocals and harmony resulting in arousing sexual cravings, and adversely affect the personality. Excess loudness also has a detrimental effect on the physical body. Do the singers and musicians that I listen to portray a positive lifestyle? Do the words and musical composition convey life or death? Uplifting music creates a positive mental attitude while that which is inharmonious and jarring depresses further.

Godly music and singing that reflects on God and His character is a common route leading to the praise and worship to God (Ps 81:1-4, 95:2, 98:4-6, 100:2, 150:3-5; Col 3:16,17). In the corporate setting of church life the style and noise level of the music are generally the most divisive component, thus tolerance must be exercised as after all worship is all about God, not us and our preferences. Those leading should be conscious their role is just facilitating those present coming into a place of combined connection to God and not putting on a self-centred fleshly performance.

Although Paul and Silas had been severely flogged, and thrown into jail, they were soon “praying and singing hymns to God” and He miraculously intervened on their behalf (Act 16:25). An evidence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life is a song in the heart and a melody of praise (Eph 5:18-20).  

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