<<uncompromising OT Jew>>

The uncle of Esther, a Jewess who was chosen by King Ahasuerus of Persia to be Queen during the time the Jews were in exile – this commenced in 586 BC. When Harman, a high ranking official didn’t receive the respect he expected from Mordecai he was enraged and set in motion a plan to kill not just Mordecai but all the Jews – the race that considered only ‘the one true’ God was worthy of worship. God declares that those who honour Him, He will honour and work on their behalf (1 Sam 2:30; 2 Chr 16:9). Ultimately, it was Haman who was destroyed and Mordecai who took over as the second highest official. His story is told throughout the book of Esther. These events happened about 475 BC.

Lessons from his life: * He took care of Esther (who was an orphan), instructing and giving her wise counsel (Est 2:7,10,11,20). He understood the importance of mentoring and speaking into the lives of others, particularly the younger generation.

* He worked with integrity in the capacity of a government official (Est 2:5,19). He acted courageously and foiled an assassination attempt on the King. This went unnoticed and unrewarded for a period. The very night before Harman hoped to hang Mordecai, God’s deliverance was beginning to become evident (Est 5:14, 6:1). God is at work in your life too, bringing about His desired ends. He is in control but needs our co-operation. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

* In Persia, Kings and high-ranking officials were considered divine. It was for this reason that Mordecai refused to worship Haman the most powerful official next to the King. This would seem to have been a crucial and fatal mistake yet Mordecai did not compromise his convictions, remaining loyal to the command, “You shall have no other gods but me” (Ex 20:3). Do the Bible’s teachings have such an influence on my life? Because of his stand, ultimately the tables were reversed, and it resulted in a resounding victory for the Jews. Since then each March, the holiday of Purim is joyfully celebrated, commemorating the saving of the Jews from the murderous plot of wicked Harman

* He was highly respected because He did his best for the people (Est 10:3). He identified with and worked for the good of others. In blessing others, he himself was blessed.

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