<<modifying traditional beliefs>>

During the modernism period (late 19th century to the 1960's) there was a growing rejection of the truth of Scripture. God was replaced as the center of truth with mankind's opinions. Some religious leaders eager to get in step

God's Word always remains the standard

with the current thinking patterns abandoned their belief in the supernatural elements of the Bible and reducing its message to the moral elements of Jesus' teaching. It was considered reason and science could provide an accurate and reliable foundation for knowledge and this would better mankind and make for an enhanced world. This ‘new enlightenment’ or so-called progress was a breaking from the past, a challenging of previously held convictions, an undermining of certainty, where there was no longer clearly defined Bible based statements of faith, and adopting pluralism that considers there are numerous paths to God. This in turn evolved into postmodernism, the current prevailing mindset.

See also: fundamental, liberal theology, pluralism, postmodernism.