<<frame of mind>>

This is a habitual or characteristic attitude, mindset or approach affecting our daily lives and decisions. God expects us to use our mind or brain, to reason, live God-honouring lives, and apply ourselves to study – secular as well as knowledge of God and His Word. Do I regularly ponder or meditate in the Scriptures, allowing the truth to transform my outlook so I view things from God’s perspective (Ps 119:18; Rom 12:2)? There is enormous benefit to be gained from studying what God has said including maintaining purity, receiving understanding, realising our potential in Christ and living productive lives in His kingdom with integrity (Josh 1:8; Ps 1:1-6, 119:11,130).

Although we can pray for increased wisdom it is of little value unless it is outworked in a changed lifestyle (Jas 1:5). Christianity is not just giving mental assent to the claims of Christ, but salvation and walking in victory are only effective as we apply and do what He says (Mt 7:21-27).  As we allow the Word of God to impact our minds, our outlook will change from negativity to rejoicing, as we wholeheartedly believe that all things are working for our good because of the love of God, the sacrifice of Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit (Rom 5:5, 8:28,31,35,38,39; Eph 5:2; 1 Jn 4:4).

As Christians we can present heaven’s loving, gentle faith-filled alternative to the world’s violent doom and gloom (Eph 4:32; 1 Jn 5:14). This includes hope instead of despair, light in the darkness and divine truth to combat Satan’s deception (Ps 43:5; Mt 5:14; Jn 17:17).

Do I see things the way God does?

Realising “It is more blessed to give than receive”, rather than the ‘me-first’ mentality, should make God’s Kingdom top priority as we recognise the plight of people without Christ (Mt 6:33; Mk 12:30,31; Act 20:35).  The Christian approach we are to take often responds in the opposite spirit to that of the world, such as blessing those who curse us. It is making Him Lord and denying our own selves. Our worldview is based on eternity and those who follow this route do not ultimately miss out (Mt 5:3-12,44, 19:29; 1 Pet 3:9).

See also: attitude, beatitudes, intellect, mindset, opposite spirit, perspective, positive mental attitude, reason, response, thinking/thoughts, wisdom/wise, world-view.