<<female period>>

Females should understand this monthly occurrence, that begins at puberty and lasts until menopause (except when pregnant), is part of God’s unique design for their life; it is a symbol of their womanhood with the likelihood of being able to conceive and have children. This approach is more positive than focusing on the physical and emotional factors that can be exaggerated and compounded by suggestion or resenting the inconvenience of each period. As much as possible pace yourself and plan for this time when you may be below par.

The OT ceremonial laws prohibited sex during the period as blood was considered sacred in the sacrificial system (Lev 15:19-30, 17:11, 20:18; Ezek 18:6). Today we are not under the OT ceremonial law and there is no sacrificial system as Jesus’ blood paid the penalty for sin once and for all (Rom 10:4; Gal 3:24-26; Eph 2:15). Husbands should be extra considerate towards their wives during this time when their moods can swing easily and they seldom have any sexual desire. Love is tolerant and in a spirit of mutual consent a couple are free to decide the issue themselves (1 Cor 7:5).

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