<<nephew of Abraham>>

This successful herdsman, when given the choice, selfishly chose for himself the best grazing land. This began his downhill moral pathway. Abraham rescued him from captivity and was instrumental in saving his life from God’s destruction in the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 14:11-16, 18:20-23). When fleeing from this imminent disaster, Lot’s wife looked back and perished. The Moabite and Amorite races resulted from incest with his daughters. These groups were ultimately some of Israel’s greatest enemies, although Ruth who was a Moabitess became an ancestor of Jesus. He lived about 2100 BC.  His story is told in Genesis 11-14, 19.

Lessons from his life: * When it became apparent there had to be a separation between them because of the size of their flocks Abraham offered him the choice and he greedily chose the easy-care grazing land.  He didn’t perceive the devastating effects that living near the wickedness of Sodom would have on his family (Gen 13:10-13).  Our choices reveal the character and desires within. Are the options we choose fair and will they result in our long-term benefit or are they self-centred, therefore eroding our witness and love for God?

* He originally settled near Sodom but later it seems Lot was actually residing in Sodom (Gen 13:12, 19:1,4,9). Be aware that over time sin can subtly influence, enticing us into its sphere of control, diminishing our integrity, causing us to compromise our standards and so becoming ‘one with the world’.  Although “He was tormented in his righteous soul because of their lawless deeds” the question remains, what did he do about it? (2 Pet 2:8). In what areas of my life am I slowly compromising instead of taking a definite stand? 

* Lot had not been a good witness, being unable to win enough ‘converts’ to make up the quota of 10 righteous citizens to prevent destruction (Gen 18:32).  Our lives should be in contrast to those who don’t know Jesus.  We are to live “in the world but not to be of it” – to be close enough to reach out to those who need Christ yet not so conformed to the world we don’t stand out from it (Rom 12:2). We are to be “salt and light”; creating a thirst in people so they want to know our Jesus too (Mt 5:13-16).

* He procrastinated, delaying doing what he should when it was clearly indicated what should be done immediately (Gen 19:12-22).  Do not delay in fulfilling what God has already spoken to you.  Am I too attached to something of this world and not willing to release my grasp of it?

* He allowed himself to be intoxicated and so unaware of the actions which his daughters instigated to continue the family line (Gen 19:31-38). We are to walk in the Spirit and not be seduced by those with wrong principles or allow our minds to be rendered inoperative by debilitating substances so we are unaware of our actions.

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