It is when something is mislaid by its rightful owner or a person does not know where they are going.

This term is often applied to those who do not know Jesus and, if they die in that condition, will be doomed to a lost eternity. Jesus had compassion on the crowds for they were harassed and helpless, like vulnerable defenceless sheep without a shepherd to guide and protect them (Mt 9:36). Praise the Lord, He came to seek and save the lost for God wants all people to be saved (Lk 19:10; 1 Tim 2:3,4). He spoke three parables about things being lost: one sheep lost out of 100, one coin lost out of 10, one of two lost sons. In each case He emphasised there is much rejoicing in heaven when a lost sinner is found and restored into right relationship (Lk 15:7,10,32).

Do I intercede (pray intensely) for those I know who are presently not Christians that they will come to faith in Christ and not be doomed to eternal damnation without Christ?

See also: eternal damnation, loss, saviour, unbeliever.