<<tabernacle attendants>>

God told Moses how to construct the tabernacle, the mobile temple used in the Israelite’s wilderness journey.  To oversee the function of the tabernacle and be God’s representatives to the people, and offer their sacrifices to God, Moses was instructed to appoint his brother Aaron and his sons as priests (Ex 28:1-3). All the males of that tribe of Levi (thus Levites) were ministers in God’s house, but only those who were descendants of Aaron, the first high Priest, could take the higher position of Priest. When the Israelites entered Canaan the Levites did the not get any land appointed to them because of this special role (Josh 18:7). They were to be provided for through the tithes and offerings of the people who were required to support and supply their needs (Num 35:2-8; Deut 18:1-8). Today full-time church workers and missionaries commonly have their needs met in a similar way. Do I take this responsibility of financially supporting such people seriously?

See also: Leviticus (Lev), priests, tithing.