<<learning experiences>>

God never teaches us anything without giving us an opportunity to put it to work through practical outworking in our life. Endeavour to be a conscientious pupil in God’s school – learn key foundational life lessons quickly so you don’t have to repeat the process. We grow through adversity with our attitude and reaction determining if this is for the better or worse. Ideally, learn from observing the mistakes and successes of others so you don’t make the blunders they have made, while positioning yourself by obedience to receive His favour. “I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw” (Prov 24:32). Get a head start by standing on the shoulders of others (Prov 13:20, 18:15).  Do not tire of instruction as it is fools who despise what is of value and beneficial to them (Prov 1:7). The way we see and live life is changed because of these valuable experiences; we now have a different perspective towards life than previous. Life lessons are the experiences from which knowledge or valuable principles can be learned that allows growth, to improve our character and that contribute to who we are.  Be wise and discern what the Lord is endeavouring to work in you.

In Bible times the plowman used a sharp pointed stick called a goad to direct the ox in harness. A wise ox readily responded to its gentle prick but by lashing out in rebellion against the goad inflicted a painful injury. Do not be like Paul who prior to his conversion was fighting against God instead of obeying (Act 26:14). Am I responding appropriately to the challenging life experiences God is giving me? Don't it be just pain without the gain.

See also: application, experience, instruction, knowledge, learning, mistakes, practice, preparation, teach/teaching, training, wisdom.