God created the land as well as people to whom He gave the responsibility of caring for it (Gen 1:9,10, 2:15). The earth with the potential to produce crops is to be used and not abused. The fertility of the soil should be replenished to enable ongoing abundant harvesting. Minerals extracted should be used wisely and with mined areas restored and utilised – humanity is a steward not owner (Ps 24:1, 89:11). Sin has a direct and disastrous effect on our nations and as a global community, and even though the ground has been cursed because of sin it still provides our sustenance, although not as abundantly as before the fall (Gen 3:17-19). Work to heal the land which can’t be done by human effort, instead we need God’s divine intervention as we believers humble ourselves, pray, seek God and turn from our wicked ways (2 Chr 7:14).

See also: conservation, earth, environment, stewardship.