Kingdom of Satan

<<the evil realm of Satan>>

This is Satan’s domain of fear, deception, bondage, defeat and evil. Because he is evil, so is his rulership – working in the lives of those who are disobedient because they are in rebellion to God (Eph 2:2). In fact that includes all humanity, who because of Adam's and Eve's sin we are born sinners, having the traits of Satan's nature engrained and are sinners because of our ungodly thoughts, words and actions (Ps 51:5; Rom 3:23, 5:12).

Satan as a thief works to steal, kill and destroy – the total opposite of God’s Kingdom of love and life, characterised by wholeness and goodness (Jn 10:10; 1 Jn 1:5). Satan’s realm is identifiable by whatever is negative, corrupt and degrading. Those who give into sinful selfish thoughts, have little regard for the wellbeing of others or the long-term

Believers have been rescued from this evil realm

consequences of these potentially bad habits and actions which are supporting his diabolical cause (Mt 15:19; Gal 5:16-21; 2 Tim 3:2-4). It is only by repenting of our sin and walking with Jesus that we can escape the clutches of Satan's dominion (Mk 1:15; Jn 3:3,18). Will I make a disciplined effort (with the Lord’s help) to gain the victory over any of his destructive qualities in my life? Paul taught gaining the victory starts in the mind (Rom 12:1,2; 2 Cor 10:5). This is where the process of temptation begins, that unless interrupted and stopped will result in sinful manifestation or outworking in some form.

Satan has a multitude of fallen angels (sometimes known as demons or evil spirits) who assist him and carry out his destructive orders. Furthermore he tries to ensnare us by circumstances and cause us to sin, however if we are fully committed and obedient to God they will be turned around for good; so although many situations in life do not originate with God, He is able to reverse the negative impact that Satan intended and use it to our advantage if we co-operate with Him (Gen 50:20; Rom 8:28). The trials we go through become tools to shape us for eternity if we are yielded to Christ – “When God has tried me I shall come forth as pure gold” (Job 23:10). This is a confident belief that the situation will result in a beneficial outcome.

Satan who is always looking for a vulnerable point uses all sorts of temptations, tactics and pressures, endeavouring to get our eyes off Christ and onto the problem or ourselves (1 Pet 5:8). Do not give credit to him by rehearsing your problems to others (unless it is motivated by asking for prayer); speak instead of the victory and help Jesus is giving. Sometimes we can’t see our way out of the predicament – even our friends are powerless to assist us and we can only hope in the mercy of God (Lk 23:46; Act 27:20; 1 Pet 2:23). We need to put on the armour of God so we can stand firm and resist his attacks (Eph 6:10-18; Jas 4:7,8). Victory is ours if we remain connected to Christ.

However, if we do succumb to Satan's temptation, own up God (who knows anyway), repent of the sin and move on forgiven and hopefully wiser and more determined with His help not to be Satan's victim in that area again.

While who is God all-powerful and all-knowing in His wisdom has given limited and temporary authority to Satan to rule this world, including harassing humanity, yet all within God’s defined boundaries (Gen 3:15; Mt 4:8,9; Jn 14:30; Eph 2:2; Heb 2:8). Even in the Garden of Eden the enemy of our souls was told that the offspring of man (Jesus) would be victorious over him as he had focused his wicked attention on God’s greatest creation (humanity), aiming to prevent or hinder a meaningful relationship developing between them (Gen 3:15).  In this spiritual contest between the Kingdom of God and that of Satan, God could instantly wipe Satan out forever, yet in His wisdom He chooses to leave him in the battle, to outwork divine purposes that we don’t fully understand.

Through our decisions, we are walking the road to either life or death. We do not fully understand the intense battle over our allegiance, nor the consequences which will result from the choices we make – that either advance God’s victorious lasting Kingdom or Satan’s temporary reign that ends in defeat (Gen 4:7; Job 1:1-2:7; Rom 6:12; Jas 1:14,15). It is our right and privilege to share in the victory over

Keep away from Satan’s domain

Satan that Jesus gained at the cross when He took the penalty of our sin and rescued us from spiritual darkness (Col 1:13; 1 Jn 3:8). It is now up to us to live our “lives dead unto sin”, walking in newness of life and no longer being slaves to the old, evil nature (Rom 6:4,11-23; 2 Cor 5:17). Christ purchased freedom and victory over all the works of darkness for us if we will embrace His provision and live accordingly. Do the decisions we make reflect Godly or evil characteristics?

At the end of the age Satan and all those who have aligned themselves, either through deliberate choice or because of deception (not understanding the necessity to consciously accept and follow Christ), will come completely under God’s control, being forever doomed to the lake of fire, with his Kingdom obliterated (Rev 20:10,15, 21:8).

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