<<father-in-law of Moses>>

Although he was not a Hebrew and followed a false god, he recognised God’s ability (Ex 18:10-12).

He is mentioned in Exodus 2:15-3:2, 18:1-27. He lived about 1500 BC.

Lesson from his life: * Jethro suggested to Moses  that rather than experience burnout by doing all the work himself, he should delegate much of his workload to other capable and honest men (Ex 18:13-26).  This not only reduced the demands on him, it made others accountable and developed their capability as they took on responsibility. Do I see improvements that would be of benefit to others if implemented? With humility, do I speak wisdom directly into the lives of others or just criticise and give suggestions to a third party about what could be done differently? When others speak into my life, do I gratefully and gracefully receive their viewpoint and, without bias, carefully evaluate their input before either adopting or rejecting their opinion? Do not shoot the message boy, even if their motive is not right! 

See also: advice, delegate, Moses.