<<OT prophet>> 

He prophesied for some 60 years in Judah (the Southern Kingdom) from 740 to 681 BC, his ministry spanning the reign of 5 Kings. He was the author of the book of Isaiah. Considered to be the greatest prophet, he was a strong and courageous man of God who spoke God’s Word to the people, “return to God and repent of your sins” (Isa 55:7). He was a faithful servant of God, although his commission was not easy! He believed in God’s promises, even though he did not see their fulfillment.  His story is told in 2 Kings 19:2-20:19, the book of Isaiah, plus a few references in 2 Chronicles, Matthew, John, Romans.

Lessons from his life: * He received a vision of God – of His great power, glorious majesty, and purifying holiness. Glimpsing God’s majesty led him to a humble view of himself and his society, exclaiming “Woe is me! I am lost, for I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips” (Isa 6:5). When we glimpse who God is in Scripture, it can cleanse away our inflated self-importance and the insufficiency of our lip-service in worship.

* When God said, “Who shall l send as a messenger to my people, who will go?” Isaiah’s response was “I will go” (Isa 6:8).  He rose to the challenge, and faithfully proclaimed God’s word to his listeners, even though there was little positive response.  Are we governed by results or motivated by faith and obedience to what we know is true?

* He declared words of judgement but also bought words of comfort and hope (Isa 40:1-31).  God requires different things said to different people at different times. We need to be aware of this and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as well as being confident to speak out what He gives us.

* He was mentally, morally and spiritually in tune with God. The Holy Spirit was able to convey to him some very insightful truths especially concerning the coming of Christ (eg. Isa 52:13-53:12). In the NT 20 of his prophecies are mentioned in relation to their fulfillment. Am I living a holy life so God can communicate with me in such a clear way?

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