<<not guilty>>

Pilate declared Jesus was innocent of any wrongdoing demanding death, but although he had the power to stop the crucifixion permitted it to happen (Mt 27:24; Jn 19:1-6). In God’s plan, however, His son died, the just for the unjust, “to bring us to God” (1 Pet 3:18).

“We all have sinned, there is none righteous for all have gone astray” and live in rebellion to God's directives (Ps 14:1-3; Isa 53:6; Rom 3:23). Even for those who do not have the written Word of God (which contains His blue-print to us for living lives pleasing to Him),

I am acquitted by the blood of Jesus 

He has put within a conscience that instinctively knows right from wrong and indicates when we have violated His acceptable standards and are no longer innocent but guilty (Rom 2:14,15). However, the good news is that confessed sin is cleansed by the blood of Jesus – the Word declares us blameless or justified when we repent and turn back to God (Eph 5:26,27; Col 1:22; 1 Thes 3:13; 1 Jn 1:7,9). “While we were sinners, Christ died for us. We have been justified by His blood” and are no longer guilty (Rom 5:8,9).

Keep yourself from being polluted by the evil in the world, rather be pure and blameless – innocent as doves (Mt 10:16; Phil 1:10; Jas 1:27; 2 Pet 3:14). We are to be innocent in the wrong ways of the world, untainted by the corruption, especially immorality (Rom 16:19; Eph 5:3). Do not yield to peer pressure or wrong curiosity – do not violate your conscience. Children are sexually innocent and this makes them vulnerable and easily taken advantage of, their trust and naivety being violated by those with less than good intentions.

See also: conscience, freedom, guilt, justification, pure/purity, repentance, righteous/righteousness.