<<OT giant>>

This well equipped warrior who served in the Philistine army and terrorized and mocked the Israelites was over 9 feet (3 m) tall. In this particular battle, rather than all the soldiers fighting with great bloodshed, the ultimate outcome was to be determined by the duel between a representative from both sides. David, in the name of the Lord, and with a stone from his sling, killed this giant about 1025 BC. His story is told in 1 Sam 17:4-51.

Lessons from his life: * In the natural, David, as a teenage shepherd would have been no match for the well-protected and experienced soldier.  However, in the spiritual realm this imbalance is reversed as David relied on God to help him, while Goliath came in his own ability and cursed David in the name of the heathen gods. David declared confidently, “The battle is the Lord’s”. So many issues of life have an over-ruling spiritual factor hidden to the natural mind. A key to spiritual warfare is understanding it is futile attempting to combat by natural means the evil spiritual forces (Jer 17:5; 2 Cor 10:3-5; Eph 6:11,12). 

* God won’t continually tolerate His name being mocked, as people defy Him – there comes a time when He says ‘enough is enough’ and puts an end to such behaviour. In the end super-human size or ability, and manmade protection, is not effective if anyone is not aligned with God. Being in proper relationship with God and reliance on His enabling coupled with obedience are crucial for us to not be overcome by the enemy. We must not rely on human effort, “Putting no confidence in the flesh” (Phil 3:3,4). Although we must do our part, besides aligning ourselves with Him it is the Spirit that brings the victory (Zech 4:6)

* In the eyes of the terrified Israelites this giant was huge and unconquerable. Satan would likewise try to keep us defeated in our minds by the menacing obstacles that seem all-powerful. In faith, with our eyes on Jesus and the victory He gained for us at Calvary, we see them in their true perspective, for “Greater is He who is in us, than he who in the world” (1 Jn 4:4). All that which is not of God will be brought low, humbled before God.

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