Several places of this name are mentioned in the OT. The most significant is situated between the Jordan River and Jericho, where the Israelites encamped after entering the Promised Land (Josh 4:19). Significant events worthy of mention regarding this area: 12 stones taken from the Jordan River were set up as a reminder of the Lord’s power; the

What significant events are in my spiritual journey?

new generation which grew up in the wilderness were circumcised; the first Passover in Canaan was celebrated and the manna ceased (Josh 4:20, 5:5,8-12).  It was from here Joshua lead Israel against Jericho and this was their base against other cities (Josh 6:11,14, 10:7,15, 14:6). Here Saul was made King over Israel, then later he disobeyed God by making a sacrifice that only priests were allowed to implement and was confronted by Samuel because he did not ensure all the people and animals of the Amalekites were killed (1 Sam 11:15, 13:8-14, 15:12-35). Gilgal was a place of change – where hearts were either hardened or softened, with the corresponding response of either disobedience or obeying the directives of God. Character is more important than performance. The prophet Micah reminds the people of Gilgal’s role in their spiritual pilgrimage and the righteous acts of bringing them into their inheritance (Mic 6:5).

See also: circumcision, obedience, response, Saul.