Genetic Engineering (GE)

For centuries humans have used traditional selective breeding where the cell genes are manipulated indirectly to produce animals and plants with more desirable or unique traits. This has developed into genetic engineering, the artificial or direct manipulation of an organism’s genetic (DNA) information to enhance its capabilities or traits beyond what is considered normal. This has benefited by developing drought, insect, and disease resistant plants with greater yields, which has met with widespread approval. There are exciting possibilities but also serious dangers from genetically modified (GM) products. However, manipulating the gene pool of human beings is a completely different issue.  Scientifically there is a continual move to push the boundaries in animal and human reproduction, the control of disease or creating of new organs but not without serious ethical dilemmas. While the Bible does not directly address this issue, there are significant concerns (both scientifically and spiritually) that Christians should examine and consider when attempting to understand how to interact with the topic of genetic engineering. 

Genetic engineering is distinct to gene therapy that seeks to correct genetic defects.

See also: ethics.