The family tree or listing of the ancestors and descendants of an individual or individuals. 

The Jews placed great importance on who their ancestors were. The recording of the various genealogies helps substantiate the Bible's historical accuracy and clarifies where the different individuals lived in relation to the overall time frame of Scripture. Matthew traces the lineage of Jesus through David’s son Solomon and a succession of kings of Judah amongst others, showing Jesus to

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be the legal heir of David (Mt 1:1-17).  Meanwhile Luke traces the family line of Jesus through Nathan another son of David and this is considered to be Mary’s biological lineage (Lk 3:23-38).  However, both accounts show Jesus as a descendant of David. Luke traces the line back to Abraham and then to Adam showing Jesus is related to all humanity. We were born as sinful descendants of Adam but through the work of Christ we can be made sons of God (Jn 1:12; Rom 5:18,19).  However, the Bible warns it is unprofitable to spend time speculating and working out endless genealogies, rather we should be active in service for the Kingdom (1 Tim 1:4; Tit 3:9).

See also: ancestors, family, generation, parents/parenting.