An area planted with trees, shrubs, vegetables or flowers and often surrounded by a stonewall or thorn bushes. Vineyards often had watchtowers so the keeper could protect the crops (Mk 12:1).

There are two notable gardens mentioned in the Bible: 1/. The Garden of Eden in which Adam and Eve lived until they sinned (Gen 2:8-3:24). 2/. The public garden of Gethsemane on the outskirts of Jerusalem, in which Christ was arrested before His crucifixion (Mt 26:36; Mk 14:32).

The word garden is also used figuratively – indicating prosperity, fruitfulness and spirituality – like a well-watered and cared-for garden as opposed to infertility and spiritual barrenness if it is not (Ps 1:3; Isa 1:30, 58:11; Jer 31:12).

See also: Eden (Garden of), gardener, Gethsemane.

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