It is a natural law that whatever seed is sown will produce an increased crop (Jn 12:24). This principle applies not just to the physical but also the spiritual world and covers all aspects of life. For a Christian even to die is gain – leaving this sinful world of trouble and entering a sinless life of happiness (Phil 1:21,23).

Gain in this life should be made through honest, hard work with a reasonable profit on truthful business dealings as outlined in the parable of the talents and not by exorbitant charges, exploiting the poor and helpless, or dishonest dealings (Gen 3:19; 1 Sam 8:3; Prov 1:19, 15:27, 16:8; Lk 19:15). Dishonest gain is of no lasting value and is one reason why gambling is not a viable option for a Christian (Prov 10:2, 13:11).

Christianity should not be used as a means to make money (1 Tim 6:5; Tit 1:11; 1 Pet 5:2). It is a normal desire to become better off materially but remember it is God who gives the power to get wealth and ensure He is involved in your decision-making (Deut 8:18; Jas 4:13-15). Being generous reaps a plentiful harvest which in turn we should use to bless

Don’t try to gain this world’s riches at your souls expense

others; with the compulsion of love, for Paul said, “If I give all I possess to the poor...but have not love, I gain nothing” (Prov 11:24; 1 Cor 13:3). Wealth is deceitful and an unchecked, compelling desire can bring problems as well as being a cause of forgetting God (Prov 30:7-9; 1 Tim 6:10). We are to grow and gain an increasing knowledge of Christ (2 Pet 3:18).

Jesus said, accumulating all the riches of this world is not enough to purchase the price of your soul (Mk 8:35,36). He also said, our priority is to be on the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33). Paul declared, Christ is incomparably better than anything else and “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (Phil 3:7,8; 1 Tim 6:6).

See also: gambling, greed, growth, harvest, possessions, profit, sow and reap.