Foul Language


Our speech reveals what is in our heart, and when we give account to God for every frivolous word spoken they will either justify or condemn us because of inappropriate language we have spoken (Mt 12:35,36). As our words have a tremendous impact on others, we must ensure we only speak what is beneficial and helpful to them; dirty

What comes out of our mouth makes us unclean – Luke 6:45

stories, foul talk and course jokes are out of place in a Christian’s conversation because they don’t reflect God’s nature within (Eph 4:29, 5:4). Hence the exhortation to, "Rid yourself of...filthy language from your lips" (Col 3:8). The tongue is very difficult to control, especially when you are tired, frustrated or around others who do not hold to god-honouring principles (Isa 6:5; Jas 3:2-12).

We must not misuse God’s name, with common expressions, such as ‘Oh my God’ (Ex 20:7).

See also: profanity, speech, swear, tongue, words.