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Physically, our facial and body language are good indicators of our true feeling. Cain’s face was downcast while Nehemiah couldn’t hide his “sadness of heart” from the king (Gen 4:5; Neh 2:1-3).

“Your eyes are windows into your body” (Mt 6:22). Does my face reveal the joy and peace of the Saviour in my heart or am I bowed down with the cares of the world, thinking I have to carry the load which Jesus invites us to give to Him (1 Sam 1:18; Mt 11:28; 1 Pet 5:7). In humbleness we can hold our heads high because Christ has redeemed us from the curse (Gal 3:13).

Out of our innermost being come the responses and actions, typified by the nature within (Lk 6:44,45). Jesus said, “By their fruit you will know them”, because fruit is the outward expression of the inner personality, be it plant or human (Mt 7:20; Jn 8:44). Our spiritual

Is my life expressing Godly qualities?

life must be expressed in a meaningful and genuine way. Christ has redeemed us so we can continue the work He started, of showing the lost the love of the Father. This includes “Going into the world, making disciples…teaching them to obey…[using] His name driving out demons…healing the sick” (Mt 28:19,20; Mk 16:15-18; Lk 4:18,19). We are His representatives and so should be displaying His qualities (Gal 5:22,23). Our whole lifestyle – our words, actions, leisure activities and general outlook – reveals our beliefs and values.

As our Maker we should submit to His craftsmanship – He is the potter and we are the clay (Isa 64:8). Co-operate with Him so a worthwhile, true representation of His character is created (Rom 9:21; 2 Tim 2:20,21). Do people see in us the Master or are we still exhibiting the character of Satan, our previous master.

All our emotions must be under control when they are expressed – especially the negative ones such as anger and irritation – otherwise serious consequences can result. Even the positive emotions of love and affection must be exercised appropriately so they are not mistaken and cause problems.

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