<<showing off>>

The religious leaders of Jesus day made an open public display of their virtues of good works, praying and fasting. In contrast, He said we should not draw attention to ourselves with our spiritual practices (Mt 6:1-18).

Showing off to impress is not God honouring

Does my praying in public reflect my own times of heartfelt, private praying or is it a just a fa├žade to try to impress those listening (Lk 20:47). Do I conspicuously do things so others will consider me 'spiritual'?

Teenage females provocatively reveal much of their bodies, as this gets them attention from males.

Nowadays, this term is also used to describe behaviour that goes beyond what attracts attention to the indecent exposure of the genitals in public.

These are examples of the sinful vanity and prideful attitude that is within. God sees our heart and the motive behind all we do. Jesus commended the widow, whose two small coins given into the temple treasury were of greater value than the large sums of money visibly given by the rich (Mk 12:41-44).

See also: attention, motive/motivation, naked, secret, vanity.