This is emotional enthusiasm, an all-consuming eagerness about something that is new or that has caught the imagination, causing the human body to produce adrenaline and endorphins. The mind visualises or conjures up a vast array of scenarios that could become reality as our creative minds are stimulated by an idea. The eagerness to bring it into reality can lead to reckless abandonment of rational thought and sound principles, as often experienced by impetuous youth who later regret some of their choices as they live with long-term consequences. Don't let the excitement and possibilities offered in your teenage years to crowd out the eternally significant experiences (Eccl 12:1). We should commit our way to the Lord in prayer, and especially in major areas solicit the input of independent, mature, Godly people who can offer insight. If it seems we are to proceed, do so without undue haste, thoughtfully, with logic and wisdom.

Zacchacus was delighted when Jesus noticed him and said He wanted to come to his house (Lk 19:6). 

Enthusiasm is a powerful motivator that stimulates enormous energy and drive. However, from the mountain top experience of ecstasy where boundless opportunities

What Godly vision excites me?

are seen, we will come down into the valley of realism with its problems, where patience and tedious, hard work are required to outwork the dream seen on the mountaintop. Reflect on the initial vision and see what excited you then to keep you inspired through to completion.

See also: anticipation, attention, emotions, enthusiasm, flesh, motive/motivation.


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