<<honourable, of high standard>>

Daniel distinguished himself by his excellent qualities of character and work habits (Dan 5:12,14, 6:3). Could this be said about my disposition and lifestyle? Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48).

The animals for the OT sacrifices were to be of the highest quality – this was to foreshadow the perfect sacrifice of Jesus in our place (Lev 1:3; Deut 15:21; Mal 1:8). We also should give God our best, not the scraps or what is of poor quality.

We are to do our work ‘as unto God’ not for man (Eph 6:6,7). Surely, this will inspire us to put in the extra effort to excel in achieving, for He will reward everyone according to his or her labours (Ps 62:12; Gal 6:7,8). Setting and maintaining a high standard in every facet of our lives, reflects commitment and diligence as we do it with all our

Endeavour to excel

might (Eccl 9:10; 1 Tim 4:12). What we do should reflect the nature of God who does all things well (Mk 7:37).

The Bible also challenges us to excel in correctly understanding and applying its message (2 Tim 2:15). After Paul had explained the spiritual gifts, and said “eagerly desire the greater gifts” he stated “And now I will show you the most excellent way”, the way of love (1 Cor 12:31, 13:1).

See also: ethics, quality, standards.