The general definition of an evangelical is a person or church who embraces the Scriptures, has a focus or emphasis on the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ and actively proclaims the good news, stressing personal conversion through salvation by faith with the resulting spiritual transformation of one’s personal life. As such there is a high regard for and obedience to the Bible as the ultimate authority. Thus it stresses the belief that individually lives need to be transformed through a 'born-again' experience and a lifelong process of following Jesus and while redemption is a gift those saved should be proactive in expressing their beliefs in spreading the Christ-centered gospel through good works, witnessing, missionary and social reform efforts. 

While there will be wide-ranging views and methods employed, along with various Scriptural beliefs there will be a common commitment of taking the Bible seriously, seeking to live by the teachings of Christianity, and sharing Christ in a wide variety of contexts. Unity in Christ on the essentials in an effort to get people to heaven is more important than focusing on the finer controversial issues of Christianity as Jesus explained to His disciples (Lk 9:49,50). 

See also: evangelism, evangelist.