Ethical Relativism

This is the secular worldview that all beliefs, customs and ethics are relative to a particular social context, and as there is no universal standard of right and wrong, no one can judge another society’s customs, with the diversity of cultures being legitimate

Do not compromise on God’s Word

expressions of human existence. Because it considers there are no absolutes, with only a vast range of culturally distinctive practices no one ethnicity should endeavour to impose their ideas on another group.

However, the Christian worldview is all people are made in the image of God, and we should value and appreciate what distinguishes them, yet by embracing the gospel message this will necessitate that the beliefs and practices that are contrary to God’s moral standards as stated in the Bible must change. This involves areas such as the sexual realm and idolatry. God’s standards must take priority over culture if there is a discrepancy.

See also: absolutes, compromise, culture, indigenous, non-negotiable, world-view.