Doors are entrance points. God said to Cain, “Sin is crouching at the door” ready to barge in if you give the OK (Gen 4:7). Similarly, Christ said to the church in Laodicea that he was knocking at the door and waiting for them to open it (Rev 3:20). From this passage comes the evangelistic call to ‘open up your heart’s door to Jesus’. This is giving Him permission to come into a person’s life (receiving salvation).

Open doors are seen as opportunities that present themselves. Paul said, “A great door for effective work has opened for me” (1 Cor 16:9). However, not all open doors bring the most effectiveness, for Satan would like to divert us so we get sidetracked from doing what is God’s will. We should always be in communion with the Holy Spirit, and have the divine perspective on the different possibilities.

Pray that God may open a door for            our message – Colossians 4:3

Circumstantial guidance (where favourable factors line up) should not be followed when the Word of God and the Holy Spirit indicate otherwise. While we should ask God to direct our steps along the pathway of life, and open the right doors for us, sometimes we must try the door handle to see if it will open. This may require persistence – asking in prayer till it yields (Lk 11:9,10, 18:1-8). However, when God indicates ‘No’ that is to be observed. Maybe He desires to take us though a different door to what we thought we were going through. The angel, speaking for Christ, said, “I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut” (Rev 3:8). God has the power to open and close doors as He wills – these will always be in agreement with His purposes.

See also: circumstances, entry points, gates, guidance (divine), opportunity.

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