Deuteronomy (Deut)

The fifth book of the OT, having 34 chapters.  Time to read: 2 hrs 35 mins. Moses was the author, writing about 1406 BC, though Joshua might have written the final summary. This is one of the five books of the law which collectively are also called the Torah or the Pentateuch. This book encourages the Israelites to rededicate their lives to God in response to what He has done for them.

The key people are Moses and Joshua.

Outline.  Written prior to entering the Promised Land, it is a review of God’s dealings with the Israelites as a nation during their wanderings in the desert.  Moses charges them to love God, be obedient, refrain from idolatry, and drive out all the heathen inhabitants or else they would become a stumbling block. He gives rules for human relationships, indicating the consequences of actions – blessings for obedience while experiencing curses for disobedience.  Finally, Moses blesses the tribes and hands the leadership to Joshua.

Main lesson.  Reviewing one’s life by recalling the lessons learnt and God’s involvement in our lives can help us prepare for the future with hope and encouragement.

Key verses or thoughts: * “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” (Deut 6:5). Jesus stated this is the greatest commandment (Mt 22:37-39). God requires one hundred percent dedication and devotion. What is my rating?

* “The Lord your God is the faithful God” (Deut 7:9). I can count on Him being faithful, but can God count on me being faithful? God is committed to those who are committed to Him.

* God blesses obedience but a curse will be on the disobedient. “Carefully follow the terms of this covenant so that you may prosper in everything you do... choose life” (Deut 28:1-68, 29:9). As these consequences affect all areas of life, what am I setting myself up for? If you want to be blessed, you know what to do – obey. This is termed “choosing life” (Deut 30:19,20).

See also: blessed or cursed, commitment, consequences, great commandment, idol/idolatry, Joshua, Moses, obedience, wilderness wanderings.