Defective Faith

<<flawed belief>>

It is important to not just start right but continue to strengthen our relationship with Christ, for like any structure with incomplete or faulty foundations this requires urgent attention to remedy the situation before a collapse occurs. Christ must always be the centre of our lives with love for God being our

Urgent attention required !

priority (Mk 12:30).

Apollos, a NT believer had a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and spoke accurately about Christ, but did not have the full story. A godly couple befriended him and "explained to him the way of God more adequately" (Act 18:24-26). Subsequently, he was used mightily in the work of the Lord (Act 18:27,28). Paul said, he "did not hesitate to proclaim the whole will of God" (Act 20:27). We must be continually growing in our relationship with God and receptive of new insights, yet these must be firmly grounded in the Bible and not distorted by wrong emphasis and motivation (Act 17:11). Deception and false teaching arises when people embrace ideas that are not supported by Scripture. Yet similarly our faith will be flawed or lacking if we don't live by what the Bible clearly states. It is important to know and outwork in our lives what the Bible teaches and actively pursue a deeper walk with the Lord (Jas 1:22).

What is my response when my faith is tested, by the serious issues and storms that life brings? It will be proved either deep and genuine or shallow by not being able to withstand the pressure, resulting in devastating consequences (Mt 7:24-27). Jesus spoke of plants withering away because they had no

Will my faith hold?

root to sustain them in the heat of the day (Mk 4:6). What measures am I taking to strengthen my faith? Am I looking out for other members in the body of Christ who are struggling? Even though we may seldom live up to the Biblical ideals, be open to God allowing the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit or other believers to speak into the areas of deficiency we all have.

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