While there is an excitement and power in large numbers, the multitudes are not always right as the warped reasoning of a few can often sway the majority (Mk 15:11-15; Act 21:27-36). Joshua and Caleb had the Lord’s mind on the matter yet were out-voted by those who were not in tune with His purposes (Num 13:30-33). In a large group

      Am I bold enough to stand out                                   from the crowd?

emotions can get out of hand and, fueled by mob psychology, people do what they normally would not do (Act 19:23-41). Be prepared to stand out against the masses for what you know is right. Although you may feel alone in a vast gathering realise you are known and valued by God, whose dealings with us are mostly on an individual basis and to whom we are accountable.

See also: loneliness, peer pressure.

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