Jesus said that prior to embarking on any venture we should realistically assess the factors involved for it would be ridiculous to begin a project

   No pain, no gain – know pain, know gain

and not be able to complete it. Regarding His Kingdom He stated, “Unless you give up everything, you can’t be my disciple” (Lk 14:26-33). There is a cost to each option, in obeying Him or living with regret because of disobedience.

The price to purchase our salvation was high, costing Jesus dearly, yet He kept His eye on the goal (Heb 12:2). Can we hold anything back from Him? A high personal price is required to attain something of value, be it a place of deep intimacy with the Lord, a godly ministry, musical ability or sound character. We will pay in time, money or effort for what we value (Mt 13:44-46).

Know what you want and be prepared to persevere and consistently pay the price.

See also: goals, persevere, perspective, price, reward, sacrifice, self-discipline.

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