Common Sense

<<rational, logical>>

Common sense is sound, practical judgment concerning everyday matters. We have been given this natural mental ability to think and make reasoned choices based on the facts, desired goals and accumulated experience, together with insight and discernment that result from knowing and putting into practice the truth of God’s Word, rather than immediately responding to the whims of passion. Emotions are a valid expression of our humanity that may have input but must not control our responses. Observe the lives others, besides analysing your own progress, and realistically trying to predict the outcome of any proposed course of action, to see if the consequences are what you want. Textbook theory needs tempering with practical, real life experience and common sense.

Throughout the book of Proverbs, wisdom and common sense is contrasted with foolishness and the lack of common sense besides not learning from mistakes (Prov 2:1-8, 3:13,14, 7:7, 8:12-14, 13:16, 16:22, 24:30, 26:11). To be of value, common sense must be acted on.

Our human reasoning must be submissive to the Lord and if there is a discrepancy, His way must win out. The Bible’s advice is, “Apply your heart to getting wisdom and understanding…If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God…and it will be given to him” (Prov 2:2, 23:23; Jas 1:5). Without God’s

'Give me common sense to apply your rules to all I do' – Psalm 119:125

input “Whatever a man does is wise in his own eyes” yet it may be contrary to the divine way for “There is a way that seems right to man but it ends in death” (Prov 3:7, 12:15, 14:12; Isa 5:21). The prodigal son made some rash, bad decisions and when he came to his senses he realised what he had walked away from (Lk 15:11-21). Thus the Bible counsels, “Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths”, rather than relying on your own knowledge or common sense for God’s ways are often far higher than what we can comprehend (Prov 3:5,6; Isa 55:8,9).

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