<<to deceive, deception>>

It is acting dishonestly to gain a personal advantage by having false or differing standards. It is unacceptable to God and includes robbing Him of what is rightfully His besides robbing other people

Sin never pays good wages

(Deut 25:13-16; Prov 11:1; Mal 3:8,9). With any devious action, the conscience will ‘inform’ us that this is not right. However, when a person continues down this unethical and corrupt pathway the voice of right and wrong is drowned out. At the final judgement such behaviour will be revealed to our cost. While there is blessing for good ethical behavior there will be humiliation and loss from unwise choices and wrong actions (2 Cor 5:10)

Often ‘cheating’ is the term used when one partner is having illicit sex with another person other than his or her spouse. Such behaviour robs the partner of their rights and privileges. Honouring the marriage covenant by having no other partners is termed being faithful.

See also: deception, ethics, honesty, rob.   

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