In the time of Christ Capernaum was a thriving fishing town on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee from where much of His ministry was based.  In spite of the many miracles Jesus performed and His teachings the town as a whole did not repent hence the terrible destruction pronounced upon it (Lk 10:13-15).  It is now a scene of desolation and archaeological sites. 

Capernaum had a greater opportunity than most cities to hear and believe in Christ, and the residents would be held to a higher standard of judgment. Similarly, we will be judged according to the light we’ve been given (Lk 12:42-48). If God did not spare Capernaum due to their lack of faith, He will not spare those today who have heard the message, seen the evidence, and rejected His Son (Heb 6:4-6; 2 Pet 2:4-10).