These are a means to span an obstacle. They can be viewed as the connections between where we are and where we want to go. Many people live in isolation, not being prepared to reach out or build bridges to others in society. God designed us for interaction between Himself and others, however because of sin and hurts the

tendency is to withdraw. Sow seeds that develop healthy relationships.

   People are lonely because they            build walls instead of bridges

Good bridges to build, strengthen and use include: healthy relationships, networking, extending forgiveness, taking responsibility or ownership.

Bridges that we need to burn or destroy to prevent us going back to wrong lifestyles include: revenge about the wrong done to us (forgiveness frees us from the shackles that would bind us to the offence); the unfairness of life’s circumstances (don’t wallow in victim mentality in the down periods of life); unwise personal choices (regret can paralyze from trying again – give yourself permission to start over again); destructive habits and associations (these are ‘comfort zones’ that prevent us moving forward into our potential, by keeping us bound to unhealthy lifestyles).

See also: isolation, loneliness, past, relationships.

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