When there is no flow through a tube or pipe it it is caused by a physical blockage.

Similarly, in our spiritual walk there are reasons that inhibit or prevent our progress – restricting His divine life to flow in to bring transformation and then out in ministry to bless others.

Because of Satan forfeiting his place in the Kingdom of God, he resents and resists anyone, Christian or non-Christian, coming into a closer relationship with the Lord of glory and being liberated from the destructive ways of the flesh. Jesus reprimanded the so-called religious leaders of His day because they not only didn’t want to embrace the truth, they also prevented others from experiencing it (Lk 11:52).

It is to our disadvantage if we fail to fully utilize the sacrifice of Christ who came to destroy the work of Satan on our behalf (1 Jn 3:8). Don’t settle with your present level of relationship with the Lord as we will never fully discover or exhaust the manifold riches of our salvation and His provision.

The various methods the enemy uses to restrict our spiritual progress to enter into what God has planned for us include: ignorance as to what our rightful inheritance is through being children of God; a lack of knowledge of what is available to us through the cleansing blood of Christ or failing to implement those heavenly resources; living with fear; a lack of

Work with the Lord to remove the blockages    

confidence to ask, or courage to step out in faith; having a wrong mindset – ‘I am not worthy’; being rigidly set in our ways, not even considering a different approach; having impure or negative thoughts; making bad life choices together with destructive habits because of undisciplined fleshly desires; unforgiveness (Mt 6:15); bitterness (Heb 12:15); unconfessed sin; ungodly soul ties (1 Cor 6:16); ancestral curses; spirit oppression/possession; relationship issues; not obeying or doing His will; sin in general (Ps 66:18).

There must be a greater force to overcome the obstacles and bring about a greater release of experiencing divine favour including: repentance; humility – ‘I was wrong, I need to change my view’; openness to the Holy Spirit’s voice; a determination to break through coupled with persistence to

Jesus is the unblocker

overcome obstacles; studying the Bible to understand His will for us His children, that there is freedom from bondages and evil spirits; rising up to the challenge, not settling for less than are our rights; continually search for the truth; believing God, stepping out in faith and walking in obedience with a renewed mind (Rom 12:2).

Prayerfully reflect on your life. Consider in what areas of your personality you are not as liberated as you could be and what you will do to address these issues. Personality flaws and wrong attitudes restrict God ‘shining’ out from us. It is our responsibility, with the Lord’s help to deal with the restrictions, turning what are stumbling blocks into stepping stones to propel us into greater effectiveness so His power can flow into us, then out to minister to our fellow man.  

See also: attitude, blindness, bondage, examine, deliverance, freedom, handicap, hinder, mindset, release, self-esteem, thinking/thoughts, unforgiveness.