<<predictions by the stars>>

This is the study of the supposed influence of the stars on human affairs, with predictions for the future, for which horoscopes are formulated for each of the twelve Zodiac areas of the sky. A person’s birth date is used to calculate their zodiac sign. Reading of one’s stars is a form of divination – seeking to discern the events that cannot be perceived by normal means and must not be practiced by Christians as it is a form of witchcraft (Deut 18:10-14). Humanity, having rejected the creator seeks to gain information about unknown future events by supernatural means – of which the only other source is from Satan's realm (Rom 1:25). As believers, we are not defined by an astrological sign. Our unique identity is found in Christ alone with the Word of God, the Bible, our guide through life and true wisdom coming from God (Ps 119:105; Jas 1:5). There were many Babylonian astrologers who tried to predict what the future held (Isa 47:13).

Astrology is not to be confused with astronomy, the scientific study of the stars which together with the sun and moon were created to "serve as signs to mark the seasons" and these have also been used for legitimate navigation (Gen 1:14-18).

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