The scientific study and investigation of past human life, as revealed by material objects that have survived from ancient times. It involves the unearthing and painstaking reconstruction of physical artifacts and remains of previous civilisations. Proper scientific methods are applied to excavation sites with experts collaborating the findings. Many of these discoveries have supported and substantiated events and even people in the Biblical records and thus provide an independent witness to the truth of God's Word through tangible evidence. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 was a decisive proof of the reliability of the Bible's manuscripts. 

While we can't prove that the Bible is true scientifically, evidence from various sources (both current prophecy being fulfilled and archaeology discoveries) is convincing. The Bible needs no corroborative evidence to verify its claims, yet no scientific or archaeological discoveries have disproven Scripture with numerous findings confirming its historical and scientific accuracy.

See also: Dead Sea Scrolls.