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The Book of Revelation contains a prophetic description of catastrophic events at the end of the world. Parts of Daniel can be termed apocalyptic as they also deal with end time happenings. Both writings use mystical symbolism so there is debate over the details of what will actually occur. Most people will agree that current world events are pointing to a disastrous climax that is beyond human ability to fix, with extremely abnormal events taking place – things never imagined. At some point the world as we know it will end (2 Pet 3:10).

What should our response be? Ensure you are a follower of Jesus NOW, as none of us can be guarantee how long we have, for heart attacks and accidents can happen at anytime and our life be instantly ended (Jas 4:13-15). We should commit our lives into His hands and be continually about the

Keep your eyes on Jesus

masters business prepared for whatever and whenever it occurs. While we should have a basic grasp of future events, it is unhealthy to panic and fear, or be paralysed by the numerous speculations and conspiracy ideas that are not based on facts. God has not been been taken by surprise but knows exactly what is going on and outworks everything according to His good pleasure (Prov 16:4; Eph 1:11). While it is possible to read the signs of the times, it is impossible for us to know when the end will actually occur (Mt 16:3, 24:3ff,36). So rather than debating dates and rumours we should be concentrating on what Christ has told us to do – sharing the gospel and walking close to Jesus (Mt 28:19,20). The biggest disaster that can happen to anyone is not having received Jesus as Saviour before they die, and suffer eternally in the lake of fire (Rev 20:15).

The Apocalyptic writings contain bizarre imagery which may stem from the difficulty of explaining future events that the observer did not understand and describing things that had not yet been invented. The book of Revelation was written about 95 AD.

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