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One of the original 12 disciples of Jesus who together with his brother Peter became an apostle.  When Jesus specifically called him (and Peter) he gave up his occupation of fishing to become a “Fisher of men”, convinced that following Jesus would radically change his life forever (Mt 4:18-20).

The little that is recorded about him is in the gospels and Acts 1:13.

Lessons from his life: * He had a heart after God and when he realised Jesus was the answer, he did not keep the good news to himself  but rather shared it with his brother, introducing him to Jesus by saying “We have found the Christ.” (Jn 1:35-42). Do I tell others that I have found the Christ? Who knows their potential and the impact they will have when Christ saves and transforms them.

* In the account of the feeding of the 5000 Andrew had investigated the resources available, and had discovered five loaves and two fish. Maybe in desperation and frustration he remarked, “But how far will they go among so many?” not realising what Jesus could do (Jn 6:8,9).  It is our responsibility to honestly present ourselves and make what we have available to Him. As we look to Christ and in faith work together with Him, He will utilise the seeming little we have and with it accomplish much and bring glory to His name In what area do I need to surrender my meager rations to Him so a miracle can take place?

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