Political and social disorder, often due to a lack of governmental control, or authority to enforce the rules and is chacterised with “everyone doing as they see fit” (Jdg 17:6, 21:25). Chaos, turmoil and a lack of direction and community fear are the hallmarks of such violent lawlessness. It is in these negative and highly charged situations that

We are to obey unless it violates God's orders

established rights are disregarded, being replaced with either militant mob rule or extreme individual rights. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve accepted

Satan's lie that they would be better ruling themselves and be their own god (Gen 3:4,5). Rebellion against God and His rule was monumental mistake, and mankind continues down that path. Instead, as Christians we are commanded to obey our rulers unless their directives are in direct opposition to God (Rom 13:1; Heb 13:17). While we can peacefully protest against government decisions we must not cross the line into destructive hostile civil disobedience. We are not to be bound with those who practice lawlessness (2 Cor 6:14).

Jesus gave Himself to redeem us from every lawless action (Tit 2:14). The Bible states everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; for sin is lawlessness, with those that commit lawlessness are among those doomed to eternal damnation (Mt 13:41-43; 1 Jn 3:4). Increasingly children from an early age are not disciplined or taught respect for others. They grow up self-centred and in rebellion, defensive when their perceived rights are violated and this attitude can taint their life in all sorts of areas from relationships to authority issues when they are not ministered to. Lacking self-control they give vent to their ungodly nature. 

See also: civil disobedience, disobedience, not being ministered to, rebellion, revolution,  rights.