This is an official pardon restoring to a position of innocence for those previously guilty of a crime. As much as possible it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense. It speaks of freedom and the time when prisoners can go free. Believers have been given divine amnesty; pardon or forgiveness for offenses committed. Our sin, which was taking us to hell, has been pardoned by the gift of eternal life in Christ (Rom 6:23). This should fill us with never-ending thankfulness for His mercy and grace. No matter our past and the atrocities we may have committed if we repent and forsake the wrong ways He is willing to grant us a divine pardon. Those who don't benefit from this amazing offer of reprieve are unrepentant sinners (Isa 1:19,20). The amnesty that is available through Jesus is determined by the choice of the guilty party, not the jurisdiction of the civil authorities. Humanity has the option to continue in Satan's prison or embrace the divine amnesty.

Amnesty International is an activist organisation focused on securing and defending human rights around the world, working on behalf of prisoners of conscience, those under oppressive governments, political and religious dissenters and those exploited and abused such as by human trafficking. While its aim in helping such victims is admirable by "doing to others as we would like done to us" it also openly supports abortion, homosexuality and prostitution which are at variance with Christian values (Lk 6:31).

See also: forgiveness, rights (human).