A choice limited to one of several options, with one excluding the others. All mankind is given the choice to travel on one of two paths: the wide road of sin which leads to eternal destruction or the narrow way that leads to eternal life (Deut 30:19; Mt 7:13,14).  In this life, by repenting and walking in righteousness, sinners can change from being hell bound to heaven bound. Conversely, those who choose not to change exclude themselves from heaven. The Bible declares there is only one-way to God, through the blood of Christ (Act 4:12; 1 Jn 1:7). Independent humanity has created various ways they consider are viable options to getting to heaven yet our best efforts are only like filthy rags – they don’t meet God’s requirement to get into heaven (Isa 64:6; Eph 2:8,9). In humility we must acknowledge we are sinners and unable to help ourselves, instead accept God's free offer of salvation.

The hippie movement (the counter culture that came to prominence in the 1960's) is an example of an alternative approach to life, having an unconventional lifestyle more in harmony with nature and with less emphasis on structure and materialism, yet was characterized by immorality and drugs.

A different approach to many things in life can be taken provided it does not violate a Bible command or principle. Creative or novel approaches have lead to better and more productive manufacturing techniques and work practices. Be tolerant of the different methods that others employ in their lives and situations. Who says our way is the right way? Reaching the goal by legitimate means is of greater importance.  

Some things have more than one solution

Even in the spiritual life God often provides boundaries for us to function within and gives us the freedom to exercise our preference within those perimeters and explore different options, rather than monotonous ritual and patterns. When the Bible gives clear definite right and wrong instructions these are to be followed unquestionably, while in other matters of conscience He gives us the freedom of latitude in the area of interpretation with brains to use and make the most logical choice in various issues; He doesn't need to be consulted on every little detail. In these areas He gives us freedom of preference, expression and viewpoint – we are not mass produced clones, but a diversity of people all being transformed to reflect the character of Christ (Rom 8:29).

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