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An advocate is a person who pleads the case of a guilty party before a judge. As sinners we stand guilty before a righteous God. Yet the Bible says that Jesus is an advocate for those who put their trust in Him, "If anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous"

Thank Jesus for the power of His blood that cleanses when you own up to sin

(1 Jn 2:1). So if we sin, then repent and confess it, Christ speaks in our defense before the Father, presenting His sacrifice as sufficient to redeem sinners from eternal death (Rom 6:23; 2 Cor 5:21; 1 Jn 1:9). He took our place and paid the debt for our crimes [sin] so although guilty, because we are ‘in Christ’, the Father no longer sees our imperfections, He sees the righteousness of His Son and so forgives us; because we are "in Christ" no further punishment is necessary (Jn 1:12; Rom 4:25; Eph 2:13; Heb 8:12).

The Holy Spirit is also termed The Advocate, who comes to help, comfort and strengthen us to resist future temptation as, in repentance, we seek to change our behaviour (Jn 14:16,17,26). It should be noted that Jesus lived on earth experiencing temptation, rejection and abuse as we do, yet without succumbing to those evils so He is able to represent us before the Father having a clear understanding and just a theoretical appreciation (Heb 2:18, 4:15).

We can also act as advocates for others by pleading or presenting their case before God’s throne knowing that by His grace He will work in their lives and situations (Heb 4:12). Do I take this responsibility of praying and interceding on their

behalf as seriously as Paul did (Col 1:9, 4:12)?  

See also: confession, Holy Spirit, intercession, repentance.

‘Speak up’ (to God and other people) on behalf of the needy (spiritually as well as physically)